For an up-to-date list of Natalie’s publications, check Google Scholar.

Below are some publication highlights led by various MER members over the last few years:

Buscher, E., Mathews, D.L., Bryce, C., Bryce, K., Joseph, D., & Ban, N.C. 2020. Applying a Low Cost, Mini Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) to Assess an Ecological Baseline of an Indigenous Seascape in Canada. Frontiers of Marine Science, 7:669.

Tran, T. C., Ban, N. C., & Bhattacharyya, J. 2020. A review of successes, challenges, and lessons from Indigenous protected and conserved areas. Biological Conservation, 241, 108271.

Friesen S.K., Martone R., Rubidge E., Baggio J., & Ban N.C. 2019. An approach to incorporating inferred connectivity of adult movement into marine protected area design with limited data. Ecological Applications, 29(4).

Thompson, K. L., Reece, N., Robinson, N., Fisher, H. J., Ban, N. C., & Picard, C. R. 2019. “We monitor by living here”: community-driven actualization of a social-ecological monitoring program based in the knowledge of Indigenous harvesters. FACETS, 4(1), 293-314.

Whitney, C.K., & Ban, N.C. 2019. Barriers and opportunities for social-ecological adaptation to climate change in coastal British Columbia. Ocean Coastal Management. 179, 104808.

Eckert, L. E., Ban, N. C., Frid, A., & McGreer, M. 2018. Diving back in time: extending historical baselines for yelloweye rockfish with Indigenous knowledge. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems, 28(1), 158-166.

Whitney, C.K., Gardner, J., Ban, N.C., Vis, C., Quon, S., & Dionne, S.,2016. Imprecise and weakly assessed: Evaluating voluntary measures for management of marine protected areas. Marine Policy, 69.

Lancaster, D., Dearden, P., & Ban, N.C. 2015. Drivers of recreational fisher compliance in temperate marine conservation areas: A study of Rockfish Conservation Areas in British Columbia, Canada. Global Ecology and Conservation, 4:645-657.

Gurney, G.G., Pressey, R.L., Ban, N.C., Alvarez-Romero, J., Jupiter, S., & Adams, V.A. 2015. Efficient and equitable design of marine protected areas in Fiji through inclusion of stakeholder-specific objectives in conservation planning.Conservation Biology, 29(5):1378-1389.

Lancaster, D., Haggarty, D., & Ban, N.C. 2015. Pacific Canada’s Rockfish Conservation Areas as a Social-Ecological System:  Using Ostrom’s Design Principles to assess management effectiveness. Ecology and Society, 20(3):41.

Magris, R. A., R. L. Pressey, R. Weeks., & Ban, N.C. 2014. Integrating connectivity and climate change into marine conservation planning. Biological Conservation, 170:207-221.

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