ES 470: Community and regional coastal-marine conservation

August 2021 update: I’m very disappointed to announce that the field course will not be happening in the fall of 2021. Physical distancing is not possible on the boat. The health of students and the people we visit is most important, and thus we have decided to cancel the field course again this year.

This field course has an application process for students. The field portion will  place during the Fall break, 2020 (Nov. 7-11), although the course is technically for the full term. There will be assignments and a few meetings before and after the field-intensive part of the course. A course project will be due at the end of the semester.

Application deadline: 1 June 2020

Passing Cloud at the dock eagerly awaiting her next adventure

Passing Cloud anchored in Montague Harbour

This 5-day intensive field course aboard the schooner Passing Cloud ( will give students first-hand experience of the issues facing coastal and marine conservation at a community and regional scale. Course activities will include meetings with stakeholders, presentations, discussions, and projects. Additional fee: $1400.

Students enjoying dinner aboard the Passing Cloud

Application process: Send a copy of your CV/resumé, transcripts (unofficial is fine), and a 500 word essay detailing why you would like to take the course, what you hope to learn, your interest in the Salish Sea/southern Gulf Islands, and how this course will help in your career and education goals. These application materials will also serve as the application for the Lorene Kennedy Field Awards to offset 75% of the additional course fee, available  to declared majors and minors in Environmental Studies. All materials should be sent as 1 pdf file to Dr. Ban (nban at uvic dot ca) by 1 June 2020.

Prerequisites: at least third year standing, ES 200, and at least one of ES301, 321, or 341. These might be acceptable as co-requisites if you’ve taken other relevant courses; contact Natalie to check your eligibility if you’re not sure.

There are only 12 spaces available – but don’t let that intimidate you – one of them might be for you! Apply now!!!

Students working hard aboard the Passing Cloud


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