Prospective students

Note that I will be on sabbatical July 2019 to July 2020, and am not planning on accepting new graduate students during that time.

If you are interested in pursuing a Master’s or PhD, and your research interests are similar to ours, please email Natalie (nban at uvic dot ca). Your email should provide your research interests and background (the more specific, the better! … about 1-2 pages) and please also attach your CV or resume.

The research group will probably take between 1 and 2 new students each year. Many of the external funding deadlines (e.g., NSERC, SSHRC) are one year before you might start your studies, so planning ahead is crucial, and it is best to contact Natalie much in advance of any deadlines. Please also check internal UVic and School of Environmental Studies deadlines and admission requirements, and get in touch at least a couple of months ahead of those deadlines. Note that we receive many more inquiries than we can take on.


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